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In search of a thicker, chewier cookie, I tried a new version of an old classic. They were a huge success! Oh so decadent, but oh so delicioius!



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They wanted to buy enough balloons to float a Lego house they built, just like in the movie “Up”. The oldest counted his pennies in order to buy an extra package of balloons.

Chex mixin’

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The boys and I helped their Grandma make Chex mix, an annual tradition in my husband’s family. She needed the help, and it’s a lot more fun to do that kind of job with company than alone. Also since some day that job will be mine, I want to learn how it’s done, so that the tradition doesn’t die (and so that we aren’t without yummy Chex mix! 🙂 ).

All dressed up

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The boys had their annual winter concert. It was the youngest’s first one. Both were excited to dress up and so proud of their performances. What they don’t know is they couldn’t be as proud as their parents are!

BBQ Brisket

•December 16, 2009 • 1 Comment


For the very first time I smoked a BBQ brisket, Texas style, without the help of my dad. That’s not entirely true, as I did consult with him over the phone. But I did do 100% of the work myself this time. It was delicious, and now I am confident that I can make one that everyone will enjoy for Christmas.

Christmas traditions – gingerbread house

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It took them two days to decorate the house. This is the first day.

Christmas traditions – cookie decorating

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They wanted to decorate the gingerbread house, but had to wait for the icing that held it together to set. So that day they decorated the two cookies that came with the house.